Chronicle Careers Ads

> CHRONICLE CAREERS/CHE: This was called the attack campaign because after four years of being attacked by the competition The Chronicle finally attacked back. The concept was simple: we are bigger and better in so many ways. The design was based in part on the fact that the last ad printed as an attack against The Chronicle had to do with goldfish.

JFGW Story Cards

> JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER WASHINGTON: In 2011 The Federation wanted to showcase the stories of people in the greater Washington community who wanted to say thanks to The Federation and the agencies that have helped them in some way. The agencies receive funds from The Federation which makes it possible for many programs to continue to thrive and help many, such as: the elderly, children, those with special needs etc. These story cards are: promotions cards, ads and signage.


> THE CHRONICLE OF PHILANTHROPY: This ad campaign was part of the design for the 2009-10 marketing brochure. We wanted to build an ad series that had powerful words that would speak to those looking for a career in philanthropy or in the non-profit world. We received a series of surprisingly poignant photographs that would work well for this ad campaign. We continued to receive great images so the ads ran for 2 years and became a series of signs that were used at all events/conferences.