Super Sunday Dial-a-Thon

> Every year The Federation and its partnership agencies hold a community wide dial-a-thon. In 2013 the event was held on Super Bowl Sunday however, the design direction was about teamwork because fundraising for the past couple of years had become very challenging due to the economy.

Israel @ 65

> Jewish Federation of Greater Washington: Each year there is a festival held in Maryland, DC and Virginia to celebrate the birth of Israel. Israel @ 65 had a focus on food and wine. The festival is for everyone but as the date drew closer there was a need to focus on single, 20-30 year olds not engaged in the Jewish community in Greater Washington. One piece of advertising was created to target this demographic. It was so well received that ALL creative was changed. The outcome very successful in attracting many new faces to the community of ALL ages, single and married.


> JFGW: For 5+ years The Federation has put on an event called The Network. The event attracts donors of all giving levels for an evening of networking as well as enjoying a speaker with a positive and energizing story to share.

Technology Forum

> THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: The Chronicle exhibits at many conferences throughout the year. This inspired CHE to host their own conference. They host two conferences a year; this one is focused on technology on campus. The concept behind this design was "road signs," telling a technology story in symbols. The deliverables were: print ads, web banner ads, website, signage, preliminary and final program brochures.